Emily & Steve // Wedding Film!

What a special wedding! So classy! The wedding party not only got to spend the day at the Legacy Event Center in Lubbock, but also got to film their first look and wedding shenanigans out at Mackenzie Park! It was the perfect spot! It didn’t even look like Lubbock. If you’re not familiar with the area, some people might say that’s a good thing! Haha. It took the day to a whole new level. Huge congrats to them!
The DJs for this lovely evening: Delta Jamma DJ Service! These guys are a part of the Cre8ive crew and we’re so excited when we get to work together! [www.deltajamma.com] Our website: www.cre8iveweddingfilms.com
To see more wedding films: www.contractcre8ive.com/cre8ive-weddings/wedding-gallery/
To find our facebook: www.facebook.com/cre8iveweddingfilms
Music: “More Than Friends” by The Likes Of Us // All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission.

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