I love the Southern Elegance ladies. As a mom, you really want to give your daughter the wedding of her dreams, but stay on budget. Shelley helped me do this, but without losing any of the style and grace I wanted for my daughter. The day of the wedding was raining so all the plans we had for my daughter's wedding had to be changed. Mary Kate and the Southern Elegance ladies just took over. They were able to transform the indoor space, It looked fantastic and was very elegant, with gorgeous flowers Oh and the bouquets were amazing! I can not say enough about Southern Elegance and Shelley Melton. I would not plan a wedding with out them. They relieved all the stress of having the perfect wedding for your daughter. They are a true blessing.

DeAnna Ward // Mother of the Bride

The girls at Southern Elegance made our planning for my son's wedding so stress free. My future daughter-in-law Laura had done so many things on her own but was totally stuck on flowers & catering. She found out about Southern Elegance scheduled a meeting and from there it was wonderful! It seemed like they could read Laura's mind and knew exactly what she was talking about at every turn. Shelley and Tonjua are some awesome and Laura and I both loved working with them. They decorated the rehearsal dinner for me at Cagle's and it was just what I wanted and everyone loved it. The wedding and reception were beautiful down to the flowers,food,table decorations and everything else, it was just what Laura wanted. They were right on top of things that were needed, they saved me several times. Thanks so much you guys for making their special day a time to remember always. You are truly a blessing. Love you!!!

Rhonda Bell // Mother of the Groom

"All I have to say is that the Merket was transformed into the most beautiful, warm, inviting, magical atmosphere imaginable. The SED ladies of Lubbock are..... well..... I just don't have words to describe! I cry when I think of my first viewing ~ when they tell you "don't worry, WE HAVE THIS" Believe THEM! Thank you so much!"

-Sally Oglesby // Mother of the bride

Southern Elegance made my dream wedding come true while I relaxed and had fun the whole day! I don't know how any of this would have gotten done without them. They were so good about making sure they knew what I wanted and then they made everything come true exactly like I dreamed. Guests kept telling me they could see my touch everywhere, and that's just a testament to how unique Southern Elegance makes every wedding. Shelley, Brooke and Tonjua work together so well and make the perfect team to plan weddings! I still have guests raving about how wonderful the flowers were, how great the dessert was and how smoothly the whole night went. Anytime I thought of something that had to be done, one of them was already at my side, 3 steps ahead. Hiring Southern Elegance was the biggest blessing to me and my whole family. My wedding was the best day of my life, and I am so thankful for everything Southern Elegance did to make that happen!!

-Ashley Barfield // Bride

Kayla and Darek-May 26th, 2012 The Wedding was beautiful! You ladies are very talented and did an excellent job. The flowers were the prettiest I have ever seen! The types, color combinations and arrangements were exquisite. The reception was beyond anything i had imagined. the transformation of the annex was magical and elegant. the cupcakes were beautiful, moist and delicious. the matched the flowers perfectly. Everything you did was organized, quick and professional. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

-Wanda // Groom's Mother

I think the best decision that I made for my wedding was to hire the ladies at Southern Elegance! As someone who was new to this wedding planning thing, I was completely overwhelmed. I lived in Oklahoma and was trying to plan my wedding in Texas, so I finally made the leap and decided to find someone to help! I asked my photographers who I should use, and their first response was Southern Elegance (photographers do seem to know the best vendors!). I called Southern Elegance on a Friday on my way to Lubbock, and they figured out a way to meet with me the next morning (which also happened to be New Years Eve!). Within a 48 hour time span, I had met with them, explained my vision, made plans, and signed the contract! They had even put together a wedding invitation that they thought I would like, and that’ the one we ended up using. I had so many compliments on those invitations it was unreal! The ladies at Southern Elegance truly listened to what I wanted, and made my vision for my wedding come to life. Everything was so beautiful and it was so much more than I could have ever dreamed of. The best part of it all was the fact that I had a completely stress-free wedding day! Instead of waking up at the crack of dawn to decorate and make sure everything was in place, I was able to enjoy every part of my big day! I would recommend Southern Elegance to anyone who is getting married. It was absolutely worth it!!

-Rachel // Bride

Where to start?! From the very first meeting it's as if the ladies knew exactly what I had pictured for my special day. Actually they made it more than I had imagined. Everyone talks about how stressful the engagement/planning is and I never once felt overwhelmed. It was the smoothest and stress-free time. I was able to enjoy all the little things that many people miss out because they are so focused on planning. In fact, my mom and I worried because we weren't doing anything! The day of the rehearsal was wonderful! They made an announcement to not have people come up to me to change things but go to them so that I could enjoy my day and this was perfect! We had talked enough they knew what I wanted and knew if I didn't like something and this made it more special because I didn't have fifty people coming up to me with ideas and making me second guess things. The wedding day was magical. Couldn't describe it any better. Everything went smoothly and they took care of things so I could enjoy spending time with my family and bridesmaids and completely relax. I have suggested to other brides to have Southern Elegance do their wedding to have the most special day even more special. These ladies are wonderful and patient and so very creative and make each occasion very unique and special! Thank you ladies!!!

-Rachel Cottrell // Bride